2013 & 2014 Breeder of the Year!!

Calling all top breeders!!! Exotic Bullys would like to highlight reputable breeders located across the world. ALL bloodlines are welcomed. Of course everybody wants to have the best blood and the best yard, but often customer service gets overlooked. This award looks to highlight kennels that host elite breedings, as well as strive for 100% customer support and satisfaction from initial deposit to puppy delivery. Nominate your "Top Breeder's of the Month" by posting to our facebook page or emailing us. Only 1 winner per month with 1 Grand Prize Breeder of the Year.

Congrats to Eddie Tovar of CPT Kennels...our 2013 Breeder of the Year!!

January 2014 Breeder of the Month - Mike of Short Muscle Pits
February 2014 Breeder of the Month - No Breeder Selected
March 2014 Breeder of the Month - To Be Determined

Exotic Bully Camp 1 Year Anniversary

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US Bully Registry

Here at the Exotic Bully Camp, we are proud to EXCLUSIVELY utilize the services of the new registry created by Daxline owner and breeder Ed Shephard. We believe and support his vision of the American Bully and we support the direction of his Registry. We invite all American Bully Breeders to join the USBR movement whose goal is to "Unite the community and provide more of a voice to dog owners." Their official registration forms can be found below:

Single Dog Registration: http://usbullyregistry.com/download/USBullyreg_reg_form.pdf

Litter Registration: http://usbullyregistry.com/download/USBullyreg_litter_form.pdf